Android is a great product which is launched by Google some years ago, this is a software/operating system which is aimed for smartphone. And the first smartphone company which uses this operating system is Samsung, a South Korean vendor which later becomes so famous because of using the Android OS on their every smartphone product.

Therefore it’s no wonder that every company also follows Samsung’s move by adopting Android for their products. It’s something common to know that Android has many strengths and it makes the users feel so satisfied with their features. Many apps that you can download via this OS including the challenging games which you can play anytime.

Not only that, we also can change the battery icon on our Android phone so that it won’t be boring because the display is always the same. Below, we will give you some tips to you about the Steps to Change the Battery Icon on Android Phone.

1. Using Root Explorer

Things that need to be prepared

Root Explorer: just download this app on
Make sure that your Android smartphone has been in Root mode

Here are the steps

– The first stem, open system/framework –>> extract “Framwork-res.apk” –>> get into that folder–>> open the file namely “Framework-res/res/drawable-ldpi”.
– And then add the root by pressing the “+” symbol on Root Explorer menu.
– After that, find out and extract the status bar icon that will be used as battery icon. Here is the link to choose many kinds of android battery icons (
– After that, get into the previous folder which has been extracted, and then get into the icon contents.
– Next, press the previous tab –>> “copy here” on Root Explorer menu.
– Choose/press the back button
– Press the folder of “framework-res”, on the pup-up –>> press / choose “zip this folder”, wait until the process is finished
– After that, the folder will be changed into “zip” format namely as “” –>> and you need to change the name into framework-res.apk.
– Choose / press “copy” on pup-up.
– After that, get into system again, –>> choose and press the file which is named as”” –>> and then choose “permissions” set into r-w-rr.
– Press and hold again, and then choose “copy”
– After that, get into system/framework –>> choose “copy here” on Root Explorer menu.
It can cause a problem on your Android smartphone but it is the part of the process anyway, so it is suggested to restart your phone after the process is finished and see the change after that.

2. Using Apps

If the above steps are too complicated for you, you can use the second step by using the 3rd party app for android without even need to root your phone. There are many battery icon changer for android but I use “Battery Changer” here.

Always Battery App
Download here —>>

Battery Changer App
Download here —>>

So those are the tips to change the icon of your android phone battery. Have a nice day!