Smartphones and tablets are devices that are able to facilitate a lot of activities, including entertainment. Almost all of its users love to watch videos or play games on their devices.

Even so, sometimes there are times when we want to enjoy it on a bigger screen together with family. For those of you who do not know how to watch videos and play games from Android devices and display them to TV, consider the following ways:

1. Use the Miracast

If you have Smart TV or Internet TV at home, enjoying the content from your Android device will be easier. Typically, this kind of TV already supports Miracast that utilizes WiFi Direct technology, directly between Android and TV.

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Most Android 4.4 devices and upper on the market today are already equipped with the feature (sometimes is called wireless display, mirroring, or cast screen). If you are one of the users who have Android and TV devices that support Miracast, here are the steps:

1. Enable Miracast feature on your Android device. You can directly access it by opening the notification bar, or you can go to Settings and select Display, and enable Wireless Display.
2. After that Android device will automatically search the Miracast supporting device that is around, which in this case, is your TV.
3. If your TV name already appears on the smartphone screen, select your TV name and enter the code or PIN that appears on the TV.
4. If the 3rd step has been successful, whatever you do in your Android smartphone or tablet, it will be displayed on the TV.

2. Use Google Chromecast

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So what can you do if you do not have a TV that supports Miracast? Google Chromecast is the answer. This Dongle can be found in online stores. The price is quite expensive, around hundreds dollar dollars. But the quality of Google Chromecast is so great.

If you already have this one, follow these steps:

1. Connect Chromecast with power cable, then connect to HDMI port on TV.
2. Replace the input view on your TV to HDMI that connected with Chromecast.
3. Install the Chromecast app from the Google Play Store.
4. Open the application, and follow the Set Up steps needed.
5. Give your Chromecast a name, then connect Chromecast with your home WiFi router.
6. If this is done, now you can enjoy a lot of content on your Android device on your TV, including a screen mirroring or like Miracast wireless display.

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3. Through connection cable

You can also take advantage of cable connections to show your Android device to TV. This is the easiest and cheapest way if you do not have a Smart TV or Google Chromecast. Of course, the TV must also have an HDMI port.

There are two options you can use:

First, you can use the cable micro / mini HDMI to HDMI. Make sure first whether your Android device has a mini / micro HDMI port, because not all types of smartphones or tablets have it.

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The second option is using the MHL Adapter (microUSB to HDMI). Like micro HDMI, not all Android devices support MHL. Therefore, make sure your property is included in the list.

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MHL Adapter

Whatever option you choose, you just need to connect your Android device to your TV via cable. There are no special arrangements to go through. It is so easy and fast, but the problem is usually HDMI cable is less long. Your smartphone or tablet cannot stay away from the TV.