Hello all. I hope today you will have a good day. Today I would like to share about a virus threat and how to delete the virus from your PC. As we have already known, virus has become a huge threat for all internet and PC users around the world. Many people have been affected some of them have lost their files because they don’t know how to prevent and delete the virus.

In this internet era, we are so familiar with some viruses such as Malicious Ware or Malware (a vicious program), Advertisement Ware (AdWare), SpyWare, and other similar vicious ware.

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Even though there is a virus which will not destroy or steal your data in your PC, the existence of those viruses usually is so troubling our joy in doing activity in our PC and other internet-related activities such as designing, browsing, typing, and many more.

It has been so long for me not being attacked by virus, but during previous 2 days ago, my PC was attacked by a “strange virus ” in the form of URL, this malware virus is named as URL site; http://107.107.87.

What is Virus http://107.107.87?

According to Easy Virus Killing, this kind of virus is so dangerous because it can steal your data, therefore, it is urgent to delete this virus from your PC.

This virus is known to infect my PC because it is detected by Avast Antivirus. Everytime I open a website in my browser, the Avast notification appears on the screen to notify that http://107.107.87 virus has been blocked from my browser.

Off course, it’s so disturbing. Thanks to Avast which has already been my PC protector, I think this anticirus has given me the best protection so far. This is something new for me to find a virus in the form of URL. It is clearly an internet virus. When we check this site, this site uses a display like Internet Explorer Browser.

Here is my experience in deleting the URL virus http://107.107.87 URL: Mal. I hope the steps will be useful for you so that your computer will not be affected by this virus anymore.

Steps to Delete http://107.107.87 URL: Mal Virus

Let’s go directly to the solution, we can use SpyHunter and RegHunter software.

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The steps are:
1. Download SpyHunter at https://www.enigmasoftware.com/products/spyhunter/ or RegHunter at https://www.enigmasoftware.com/reghunter-download-instructions/
2. Double Click the exe file from the download process
3. Run the scanning.

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The result of scanning shows that there are many files which are infected by virus snap.do, go.padsdel.com viruses

4. Click “Fix Threats” or “Fix Selected” to delete and improve the files that are indicated to be infected by this virus.
5. Finish!