iPhone is one of the sophisticated hardware which is produced by the gadget company from US, this smartphone indeed has a distinctive characteristic than any other smartphone such as android and windows phone.

For those of you who use iPhone, I am sure that you haven’t known the way to record the phone call in iPhone. This is something common, because indeed, iPhone always gives a special privacy for their users. The simple example is that when you want to record a phone call with someone, you cannot add an additional app in App Store to conduct this recording activity, it is different in Android which have so many apps that you can use to record everything.

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But it will be a different story if your iPhone has been in jailbreak condition, off course you can conduct that recording activity easily to record the call in your iPhone. And then, how is the way to record in iPhone which is still original and has not been in jailbreak?

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you, in this article we will share about the way to record the phone call in iPhone for you. Before that, there are some requirements that you should fulfill, for example, the iPhone should have been in iOS 9 which has an export voice of memo recording, and then the smartphone should also be supported by an iPhone visual voicemail & 3-way calling feature, and it should have an internet data. If all preparation has finished, now we can start to record the phone call in your iPhone:

Steps to record the phone call in iPhone:

– The first step, you can switch off the call waiting feature in your iPhone, the step to switch off it is that go to setting >> phone >> call waiting.
– And after that, you can call someone from your phone.
– After the call is accepted, you can tap the add call (+ button) which is placed on your phone.

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– Next, you can tap the numbers that you use to call (your phone number), by this method, you will be in active call mode, so that by calling your own number it will automatically lea you to voicemail.
– When voice mail has been displayed on the iPhone screen and it has recorded the call, so please tap the marge calls button. By this method, your iPhone will combine the first call with the second call into the voicemail. So that you can record the phone call in iPhone directly into voicemail.

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– If you think it is enough, you can end the call by tapping the voicemail tab on your iPhone, wait for some moments until the call you record appears on the screen in the voicemail format.
– Now you can tap that recording result to listen the voice record.

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All right. If you want to share this record, you can click on the share button. In this menu you will be provided for some options such as sharing to Mac via AirDrop, to iMessages, Email, or even to Dropbox nantinya. You also can transfer the record via voice memo, so that you can edit that later.