The Windows user is defined as person who uses a computer and is usually in the form of Account. Most people make their user accounts and usually it is more than one for one computer / laptop because this laptop is often used by many people, take an example a PC in your home. User accounts are usually used because of security reason so that not all people can open it carelessly, but there are also many things that you need to consider as those accounts will take a lot of your internal memory on your PC, it sometimes can make the hard drive becomes full.

Therefore, if your computer / laptop is only used by one person and in this computer has more than one account, it is suggested to delete (not to remove the administrator account) one or more accounts and remain it for only one account. But not a few people who do not understand how to delete a user account on the computer, so I make this tutorial for all of you. Let’s go directly to see the tutorial here.

1. Open the Control Panel menu, you can do it by pressing the Windows + X and then press P, and then click on User Accounts and Family Safety option.

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2. Click on Remove user accounts option that exists on lower part of User Accounts picture.

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3. When you are in Windows Manage Account page, click on the user account that you wish to delete.

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4. After that, you can click on Delete the account option.

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5. After that, there will be a dialogue box when you choose the above option, I give it to you for the next step. If you are about wanting to save the data on that account, click on Keep Files, but if you want to delete all of the data account, just click on Delete Files.

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6. There will be a dialogue box again, just click on Delete Account.

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After you click the Delete Account option, your account that you wish to delete has been deleted permanently. By this step, you can be saver in terms of harddisk use on your computer or personal computer and you also can decrease the slow performance of your PC because of the memory capacity that runs out caused by over huge capacity of your Microsoft user account. That’s all, I hope this tutorial will be so much useful for all of you, have a nice day everyone!