One of the WhatsApp features that is so disturbing is that every picture that is sent by your friends or groups via WhatsApp will be saved automatically on the storage (if the option of download image is switched on). One or two images is still tolerable, but how if the images are grouping and reaching the thousands items? It is so difficult indeed to separate them one by one.

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Therefore, through this tip, we will give you the info about a powerful way to save your storage memory in your smartphone from unwanted images group in your WhatsApp.

The Steps to save your smartphone storage from a piling WhatsApp images

The steps are so much easy, you only need to download and install the powerful app namely as Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp. The size is small, only 9 MB.

If you have installed the app on your android smartphone, open the Magic Cleaner app. You will be welcomed by the image of an old man that will help you to filter some images on your WhatsApp. Press the head of that old man to start the analysis.

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The analysis process is started. The analyzing time will be so dependent with the number of images that are saved on your smartphone. Something that you need to know is that Magic Cleaner app does the analysis for each 500 images on each session.

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What is so good about this app is that, Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp can classify every image, even can analyze on whether those images are categorized as cartoon, meme, screenshot or not.

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If you have chosen the images that you want to delete, so the next step is that you only need to press the trash/recycle bin icon which is displayed on the lower corner right of the screen.

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Just continue the steps by pressing the Continue Analysis button if you still have many images that you want to analyze.

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After you finish those steps, do it again like I have told you above. Finally, all of your unwanted images of Whatsapp that are saved on internal storage have been wiped off! Now you can have a wider internal memory space to save other images. Pretty easy right? For your information, Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp is a free app and you can download it on Google Play Store on this link:

It is easy to be used and the result is so brilliant! Have a nice day with your What