Hello everyone. If you are the user of Windows OS especially for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, you must be ever experiencing when you turn on your PC, the PC cannot go into Windows. The error message can be varied, but one of them is “Missing OS loader/failed to find OS loader”. Yups, for some of you who ever experienced this kind of inconvenient condition, this might be so disturbing. If you really see this error message, that is highly ensured that the main problem is on your system boot on your windows.
But I will highly suggest you to not directly reinstall your windows. There is another best solution to solve missing OS loader.

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Ok, let’s solve the problem of missing OS loader. First of all, you need to have DVD boot or DVD installer for Windows 7 including the startup file. If you have had that one, just insert that on your PC’s DVD drive.

1. Setting the BIOS to undergo the booting from DVD. The way to do this is by pressing F2 or esc button on your PC, deny the 1st and 2nd step just go directly to the 4th step.

2. Then you choose “Boot” and then choose DVD drive as the boot device (image no.1)

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3. After that, press F10 and choose “yes” to save the setting and after that, restart your computer.

4. Press random button when your PC presents the message “press any key to boot from CD or DVD….”

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5. Then your PC will undergo the booting process from DVD. Wait until the screen displays Windows installation menu. If this display has appeared, choose “Repair your computer” option.

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6. On the next screen, you will be at System Recovery Options. On the available table, choose the troubling Windows, after that, choose “Next”.

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7. After that, on the next screen, choose “Command Prompt”

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8. On command prompt screen, type a command “bootrec /fixmbr” and press enter. After that, eject your DVD from your PC and press the button Ctrl + Alt + Del altogether to restart your PC.

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9. Finished. The PC will do the restart and after that, your PC will load the windows again when it is on.

This is the brilliant way to solve your missing OS loader. Hopefully it can solve your problem. But if this method doesn’t help you, it’s maybe because there is a problem in Windows and you have no choice except to reinstall it, but usually, the steps above work 99% for missing OS loader.