Hello all, today, we will discuss about “About Phone” feature that exists in Settings menu. Many of us think that About Phone menu is the menu that serve us a more detailed information about our phone, such as ROM version and Android version after an update has been done. But did you know that on “About Phone” menu, you actually can see and set every on-depth information? Here are the explanation about the hidden features which you can find in About Phone Menu in MIUI!

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1. Internal Memory

By continuously pressing the Internal Memory tab, you will be brought into a UI where you will be provided with a further information about your smartphone (especially Xiaomi). On that UI, there are many options such as Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics until WLAN Information.

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2. Kernel Version

Press for many time on Kernel Version tab, you will be directed into a CIT test page or Hardware Tests. In this UI, you can test whether the hardware from Xiaomi smartphone works great or not. Some hardware which can be tested on this UI are SIM Card, Vibration, Mic Speaker until Proximity Sensor.

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3. CPU

In this MIUI, you can make a report about bug which you experience on MIUI and send it to the developer. By continuously pressing the CPU tab, you also can make a report of bug and send them to the developer of MIUI OS.

4. Device Name

The most excited thing from UI is that you can check your Xiaomi and it makes you possible to arrange your smartphone to be used in accordance to your settings. In this part, you can change the name of your smartphone. The default name is “Mi Phone”, but you can change it into emojis names.

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5. Android Version

Press this tab for many times quickly, so there will be animation for your smartphone version. For example, Android KitKat animation will be displayed and it is “K” letter. For Android Lollipop, after you press the Android Lolipop icon, you can play a flash game (only available in Android lollipop).

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5. MIUI Version

Via this tab, you can check the MIUI version used by your Xiaomi. But besides that, you can also open the hidden feature that is Developer Options by pressing continuously on MIUI version of your Xiaomi smartphone. Developer Options can be found on Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.

By using this Developer Options feature, you will have many options on settings. For example, you can prevent the Xiaomi smartphone from off mode by activating “Stay Awake Option” and deactivate the Lock Screen by activating “Skip Screen Lock”.

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6. Status

There is no special Status on this tab. On Status tab, you can check any basic information regarding to your Xiaomi smartphone.

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