Good day everyone. The holiday has come! What are the holiday plans that you have arranged wth your family? Well, wherever is that, holiday should be perfect for our family and the preparation should be cool. I think the perfect holiday is not only about where we will spend it, but also about the preparation. If we have bad preparation, no matter how beautiful the place is, it will be absolutely not perfect. Well, the preparation for holiday is not only about the savety equipment and money, it is also about the navigation. If it is the first time you go to that place to spend your holiday, just ensure that you will not be astrayed. Therefore, the navigation equipment is so important during your holiday. Today, I would like to describe about The Best Offline GPS and Navigation Apps for Android.

As we have known that many vehicles today use GPS (especially the offline one) and other apps to direct them into the destination. Modern cars provide android maps apps that will guide you during your vacation. Now, I will show you the 4 best navigation apps and offline GPS in android! let’s check it out!


Google Maps

I think Google Maps is the most perfect maps today. This maps has been equipped with turn-by-turn directions, multiple view options, detailed route information, live traffic updates and many things that you need to know during your way to spend your holiday.

The thing is, if you want to use it offline, you should download the area of the map first that you want to use to get your holiday. If you do that, you obviously don’t get those traffic updates anymore though, as they require a mobile connection. Today, Google has attaches the ability to download multiple areas to your phone and select to use Google Maps in ‘WiFi-only’ mode when you have a spot of network connection. You also can keep the maps on your external SD card. Go get Google Maps now on Google Play Store.


Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Well, Sygic is one of the most popular offline navigation apps for Android handset. It’s a free app with seven days for trial version, and if you still want to use it, you need to buy for premium version. This app has been downloaded by more than 1 Million android users. The size is 48.95MB.


CoPilot GPS

CoPilot’s GPS app is paid app and only for driving purposes. The free service/version only provides the 2D version of the maps, and you’ll not get few other features. Premium users will obtain 3D mapping service. In the full version of the app, there sheer variety of customizable route and alert options is impressive, if potentially a little overwhelming for some. If you choose to buy the map, you will get 12-months free access to CoPilot’s live ‘ActiveTraffic’ service. The size is 38.51MB and it has been downloaded by more than 1 million android users in Google Play.


TomTom GO

TomTom is the best in navigation industry. Its android app has been downloaded bymore than 5 million people by 81.25MB in size. This is a paid app although you still can enjoy the trial. The price varies around the world, but in the US it’s currently shown as $19.99 for one year and $44.99 for a 3 year subscription. It gives you live traffic updates and full 3D building imagery. Maps are available for over 100 countries, too.