Good day everyone. Are the user of Android phone? I am sure that most of you here are the user of Android phone. As generally we know, Android phone is so useful for us to increase our productivity by its many kinds of apps. You can play games, ask for foreign language translation, book a hotel room or even make documents/edit documents on your device. All of those easiness can be provided well by Android smartphone. Editing/creating document is something improtant for all people today, especially for you who always have a connection with a business world. It would be so hectic if you only do that on your PC. Therefore, the Office platform such as Microsoft also provides its service for mobile use. Besides, you also have many other Office apps in Android that you can download via Google Play Store. Today, I would like to discuss about the 5 Best Office Apps for Android.


Actually, there are many Office Apps on Google Play Store, but I have chosen 5 best Office apps that can be your best recommendation to use in your android smartphone, here they are:

1. Microsoft Office Mobile

This is so far is the best among all Office apps in Android based on my opinion. It is established or developed by the most trusted Office developer; Microsoft. It provides you many Office tools such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and many more. What is best from it is that it has given you the Office 2016 app that you can use to work in mobile and it gives you the cloud storage. It has 2 versions, the free/trial version and paid version. You can download the app via Google Play Store:


2. QuickOffice

QuickOffice is one of the best Office apps in android after Microsoft Office Mobile. It is developed by Google, so you don’t need to be worry about its quality. Once you login into QuickOffice, you can create, edit, store into the Google Drive and many more. This automatic login will give you 15GB free space on Google Drive to save your documents. Besides it can open the Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point docs, it also can open the PDF files. Just download it via Google Play Store on:


3. Kingsoft Office Free + PDF

It is one of the best Office apps in Android that you can use for free. Kingsoft Office Free + PDF can open the Office docs such as Word, Excel, Power Point and many more and like QuickOffice by Google, it can open the PDF files too. It can also be integrated into many cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and many more. You can download it via Google Play Store on:


4. Polaris Office

This is also a good app too. Polaris Office can open the Word, Excel and many Office apps on your android phone. It also supports Apple pages, Numbers and Keynote. Like Kingsoft Office, this app can also be integrated with the Cloud apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox and many more. Download it on :


5. Docs To Go – Free Office Suite

Docs To Go can also be your best option to create, edit and open your Office documents in your android. it can be said that it is not as best as other Office apps that I have explained to you because it cannot be integrated into cloud services, but to use it for normal Office activities, it can still be the best option, download it on:


So that’s all for 5 Best Office Apps for Android. Now you can choose by yourself, which one that you prefer to be downloaded!