Bluetooth is a feature which should be attached on every cellphone today especially for android. The usage of Bluetooth is as the media to transfer some files either in the form of music file or photos, apps and anything to other devices. But today, people prefer to send files via app namely as Shareit to Bluetooth because this app is much faster.

But now alongside with the time laps, PC now is also equipped with Bluetooth, this feature is so benefiting all PC users because you don’t need to be hectic anymore in using the USB cable or unplug your memory card and use the card reader to transfer the files manually. Bluetooth in PC can be used to transfer the files, photos, apps based on your preference.

Seeing how important this PC for all people yet there are still many people who don’t know of how to use the Bluetooth in their PC, I will try to show you about how to activate your PC Bluetooth, and the steps are easy.

Steps to Activate the PC Bluetooth in Windows 7, 8 and 10 PCs

#1. Using Switch Bluetooth

Usually, there are some laptops which provides switch button, just switch on the button from off position. But if this button doesn’t exist, there are some steps that you can do. Just follow the instruction below.

#2. Via Windows Settings on your PC

This step can be done via:
– Go to desktop.
– Right click – personalize.
– On search button, type Bluetooth and then choose – Bluetooth settings.
– If you have seen a display like a picture below, you can make a setting for your Bluetooth into “on”.

artikel blut2

Steps to use Bluetooth / transfer the files to cellphone and otherwise
1. The first step that you should do is to choose and click the Add a Bluetooth Device

artikel blut3

2. After that, wait for the loading process until the Bluetooth name appears, here, the name of the device that I use is Shinta Maristya, if it has appeared, click “Pair” to install

artikel blut4

3. Then there will be a code like in the picture below, in your cellphone there will also appear a waring for confirmation, just click “yes”, in the cellphone there is “a writing to confirm” choose and click that text

artikel blut5

4. After that, wait the installation process runs until finish, wait until the Bluetooth device changes into connected.

artikel blut6

5. If you have finished that step, the Bluetooth is ready to be used, to send the file, choose send a file

artikel blut7

6. If the PC is ready to accept the file, just choose receive a file, done!

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