Microsoft with their Microsoft Office product has read the change in terms of how their customers use the apps that they have in their PC. Recently, Microsoft has introduced the feature for the users to be able to insert the pictures which are saved in online world and cloud system such as social media photos to be able to be inserted in Microsoft Office. By this feature, besides you can insert the picture that you post online, the search result from search engine (which is Bing), also can insert the picture from OneDrive, Facebook and also Flickr. This feature off course will ease you to take your online photos to be later inserted on Microsoft Office documents.

Only by using Bing you can access this service directly, and if you use other services, you need to login using your Microsoft account (you will get the login link which is placed on the right corner of the Microsoft Office app that you use). If you have had the Microsoft account on your Windows 10, you don’t need to login anymore in your Microsoft Office. To connect the social media accounts like Facebook or Flickr, the Facebook or Flickr accounts need to be connected first with Microsoft account so that you later can insert pictures from those socmed to your documents.

Here are the steps to insert the Facebook photos to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 slides. Imagine that it is your first time to use this service.

– Run the app of Microsoft PowerPoint, be sure that you are in Insert tab (1) and then click the Online Pictures option (2) which is placed on Images group.

artikel pow2

– On Insert Pictures tab, click the Facebook logo.

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– On the dialogue box of “All your photos in one place”, you will connect the Facebook with your Microsoft account. Click “Connect” button to proceed.

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– On the Facebook dialogue box, fill down your email or your phone number and your password (1) and then click login option (2).

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– Just click Continue as [name of your Facebook account].

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– The next dialogue box you should choose “Done”.

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– Go back to the “Insert Pictures” tab, click the link of “See more” which is in one line with Facebook.

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– Choose one of the picture groups from your Facebook and then click for twice.

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– Choose one of the pictures that you want to insert in the slide of Microsoft PowerPoint (1) and then click Insert (2).

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– Pictures which you have chosen have now been inserted on your Microsoft PowerPoint slides. You can also apply this method to other Microsoft Office lainnya seperti Microsoft Word dan Microsoft Excel.

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