For the first time I discuss about the game in this blog, it must be so familiar for almost all of of you here if I mention a game namely as PES. Moreover if we talk about the updated version that has just been released in 2016 that is PES 2016. When you have a low end computer and the VGA is Intel HD Graphic, when you open the PES game setting, there is no quality configuration there (low, medium, and high do not exist there), the example is presented on the image below:

But for this opportunity, I will share you all about the tutorial of how to solve that problem, but the requirement is, you need to read all of the instruction that I give you in this article, because the steps are complicated but it is at the end easy to be followed.

artikel pes3

After the game is set on Dxcpl tool [Download here:], you can configure the game quality based on your preference, but if your computer has a low graphic capacity, don’t ever try to enhance the quality into high, it will lag your PC. My quality is set into medium and the screen more is Windows Mode (my specs are: intel celeron 1,8 ghz, ram 2gb) well, it feels better when I play the game.

Let’s go directly to the settings:

First, you need to download the file here: It is the same actually, if you have extracted the file, just copy it and paste it into the installation directory of your PES (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016), after that you open the file, don’t forget to choose Run as administrator before and follow the instructions that I give you via the images below:

First, you should open the game that you have already downloaded and configure it like the picture that I give to you, and if you have done on that, you enter the menu “Edit List…”

artikel pes5

After you enter the Edit List menu, you should add the PES201x.exe file and Setting.exe file into this tool, if you have done on this, just click Apply/OK

artikel pes6

Well, those are actually the result of the settings, GPU and VRAM which previously is in N/A, now it has changed.

artikel pes7

After you finish on configuring, now you can check them, you can check the PES setting and see whether the VRAM has been detected or not, if it is haven’t, you can ask this on comment box of this article,

After it is set, there are many changes that I feel when I play PES game such as:

  • Lag in the game is decreasing. In my laptop, when the first time before the configuration, there were still many lag meanwhile the game quality has been set into default (low) because before it is configured, it can’t be changed but now after it is able to be configured, I have been able to configure the quality of the picture into medium and it is good.
  • Can set the quality of game (low, med, high). You can configure the game after it is configured by this tool, I suggest it is set into low and is set to be Windows, not full screen, I am highly sure that it will be good, or you can try to set it into medium first, if it is lag, you then finally need to turn it down into low.
  • There is no Vram notification that mentions that the requirement doesn’t meet anymore
  • After it is set like what I have explained above, the problem of notification will be completely solved
  • Warning: Your computer does not meet minimum specifications necessary to run this software
  • You may experience error during operation.
  • The video card does not have the necessary specifications.(GPU:VRAM512MB)
  • So make your brain calms down, because there will be no pop up notification anymore.
  • On Vram setting menu, all of them have been good. Before I configure, the GPU and VRAM are still N/A, so, this tutorial is at the same time also solving the -problem of undetected GPU.