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Steps to Solve Vram so that It is Readed on PES Game

For the first time I discuss about the game in this blog, it must be so familiar for almost all of of you here if I mention a game namely as PES. Moreover if we talk about the updated version that has just been released in 2016 that is PES 2016. When you have a low end computer and the VGA is Intel HD Graphic, when you open the PES game setting, there is no quality configuration there (low, medium, and high do not exist there), the example is presented on the image below:

But for this opportunity, I will share you all about the tutorial of how to solve that problem, but the requirement is, you need to read all of the instruction that I give you in this article, because the steps are complicated but it is at the end easy to be followed.

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Steps to Insert the Pictures from Facebook directly to Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft with their Microsoft Office product has read the change in terms of how their customers use the apps that they have in their PC. Recently, Microsoft has introduced the feature for the users to be able to insert the pictures which are saved in online world and cloud system such as social media photos to be able to be inserted in Microsoft Office. By this feature, besides you can insert the picture that you post online, the search result from search engine (which is Bing), also can insert the picture from OneDrive, Facebook and also Flickr. This feature off course will ease you to take your online photos to be later inserted on Microsoft Office documents.

Only by using Bing you can access this service directly, and if you use other services, you need to login using your Microsoft account (you will get the login link which is placed on the right corner of the Microsoft Office app that you use). If you have had the Microsoft account on your Windows 10, you don’t need to login anymore in your Microsoft Office. To connect the social media accounts like Facebook or Flickr, the Facebook or Flickr accounts need to be connected first with Microsoft account so that you later can insert pictures from those socmed to your documents.

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Easy Steps to Activate & Use the Bluetooth in Windows PC

Bluetooth is a feature which should be attached on every cellphone today especially for android. The usage of Bluetooth is as the media to transfer some files either in the form of music file or photos, apps and anything to other devices. But today, people prefer to send files via app namely as Shareit to Bluetooth because this app is much faster.

But now alongside with the time laps, PC now is also equipped with Bluetooth, this feature is so benefiting all PC users because you don’t need to be hectic anymore in using the USB cable or unplug your memory card and use the card reader to transfer the files manually. Bluetooth in PC can be used to transfer the files, photos, apps based on your preference.

Seeing how important this PC for all people yet there are still many people who don’t know of how to use the Bluetooth in their PC, I will try to show you about how to activate your PC Bluetooth, and the steps are easy.

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Going Somewhere by Using Offline Google Maps

Going somewhere by using Android phone is something exciting because you don’t need to be worry of being lost. By your android phone you can download many apps that will show you the map so that you can go somewhere easily and safely. Google Maps is one of Google’s products that serve the customer of world map and its many facilities such as live traffic, public place, etc. But what about if you go in a rural area where the place has a very limited mobile signal? Of course in that situation, your Google Maps will be useless.

Today I will give the tutorial of how using Google Maps in offline mode. So if you can practice this tutorial you can go everywhere you want; either rural or reachable area without worrying of being lost. Before you go to your rural destination, the first step of course you need to go to Google Play Store and download the Google Maps.

Here are the steps to save the Google Maps in offline mode:

  1. After you download the apps, please open it, Find out the area/place that you want to visit (especially if it is a rural area).
  2. Tap on the name of that place.
  3. On the right corner of the apps, you will find a symbol of 3 spots, please click the 3 spots symbol to open the option.
  4. Click “save offline maps”
  5. Google Maps will request you to zoom the place that you want to save. As the suggestion, please make the area you choose to be small area so that it will be easier for Google Maps to open the area that you choose. The bigger the maps area that you choose, the harder for Google Maps to open/zoom the area and there will be a warning symbol if you do this.
  6. To access your downloaded maps, open the Google Maps apps, and please scroll the screen until the bottom area and you will find your downloaded maps.
  7. You can use the offline maps even without the internet or wifi connection.



  • Offline maps will not provide you the features like live traffic, public place like railway station, schools etc.
  • Android will only save the offline maps for 30 days. If it has been expired, android will delete the downloaded maps from your mobile device.
  • You can’t use the GPS when using the offline maps. But you can use your GPS by using the offline GPS like Maps.Me – Offline Map and Routing, and many more.

So, it’s easy, right? Happy traveling by using your offline Google Maps.

How to Solve An Error Gmail in Android?

Have you ever experienced a problem when you sign in into your Gmail account? I bet some of you here have experienced this problem. Gmail is the main mail hub for all android users although Gmail can also be accessed through another smartphone platforms. But in android, your Gmail will be integrated with your Google account which can be sync via “Settings” menu. But sometimes, even after you successfully log in into your Google Account, Gmail still has a probability not being synchronized or even being error.

An error Gmail may cause tangible impacts to our daily work or business. You can’t check or access your inbox, reply emails, send the attachments ad many more. It will ruin your life for sure. But don’tbe panic, you will always have some options to solve the problem in your Gmail. Actually, there are many causes of error Gmail, it can be caused by your android settings (such as time and date), wrong password when you login in your android or even it is caused directly by your android phone (damage in some parts so that it can’t operate normally as usual). If you’re seeing a “Temporary Error (502)” message when you try to sign in to Gmail, your mail is temporarily unavailable. This error usually goes away quickly, so try signing in again in a few minutes. Even though you can’t sign in for the moment, your messages and personal information are still safe.But in this tutorial, I will assume that the cause of Gmail error is the system in your device. You can solve it anyway by using your PC, just a simple step.

Today, I want to share about how to solve an error Gmail. It is a simple step, you can do by your own via your android gadget.


1. You should enter this web link:

2. If you have entered the page, please choose “Application”, and after that please choose “device” which when you click this, there will be a list of devices that you use to login into your Gmail, after that, you can choose “Generate”.


3. After that, you will be given a password without even need to enter the 2 steps of verification. You can login by using the given password.

4. Now, go back to your device and try to login again into your Gmail account. I pretty hope that it won’t be error anymore at time when you login into your Gmail.

5. In case if this tutorial can’t solve the problem, it is maybe caused by other damages. Try to solve it by other methods. Good luck.

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