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Switching Off The Email Alert Tone in Iphone, IPad and IPod Touch

For those of you who use iOS products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it is something common to hear the email alert tone whenever the new email appears on Mail App. The sound of “ding” is so disturbing if it comes at a wrong moment, for example it sounds when you are in the middle of the meeting, you are still sleeping and many other moments that need a calm situation. Moreover if we have more than jus 1 email account on our iOS products, can you imagine, how many times do we have to hear the alert tone from these devices? It’s indeed so annoying. Well, we know that sometimes we need to update the inbox, but that repetitive sound can destruct our concentration. There are some conditions that demand us to be silent and focus to what we want to do at present.

Well, I feel the same with you, so, in this post I want to share the tutorial of how to switch off the email alert tone without switching off your iOS products (in this case is iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) into “Silent” mode. This is particularly helpful for users with multiple Mail accounts setup on an iPhone / iPad, where turning off the alerts for one of them isn’t going to impact anything important. Though these steps below are optional, if you’re turning off the mail alert sound you will probably also want to turn off the vibration alert, otherwise your iPhone will still rumble every time a new email comes in.


Here are the steps to switch off the alert tone of your email in iOS:

1) Open your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad, find out “Settings” menu on the screen, goes to “Notification Center” and choose “Mail”.
2) Choose the email account that you want to switch off for the alert tone.
3) Scroll it down until you find the option “Alert sound”
4) Please choose “None” to switch off the alert tone.
5) If you are about to silent the vibration alert, the steps are — Go to “Vibration” and scroll all it down and then choose “None”

Now your email alert tone will not sound anymore when the new mail comes to your inbox. Easy, right? Today, we took an important step: email no longer has the power to interrupt us when we’re doing something more important. Furthermore I want to say “Productive people learn how to work smart by minimizing the interruptions email creates by turning off email related sounds and alerts.” Enjoy your life!

7 Hidden Features on “About Me” Menu in MIUI

Hello all, today, we will discuss about “About Phone” feature that exists in Settings menu. Many of us think that About Phone menu is the menu that serve us a more detailed information about our phone, such as ROM version and Android version after an update has been done. But did you know that on “About Phone” menu, you actually can see and set every on-depth information? Here are the explanation about the hidden features which you can find in About Phone Menu in MIUI!

artikel miui2

1. Internal Memory

By continuously pressing the Internal Memory tab, you will be brought into a UI where you will be provided with a further information about your smartphone (especially Xiaomi). On that UI, there are many options such as Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics until WLAN Information.

artikel miui3

2. Kernel Version

Press for many time on Kernel Version tab, you will be directed into a CIT test page or Hardware Tests. In this UI, you can test whether the hardware from Xiaomi smartphone works great or not. Some hardware which can be tested on this UI are SIM Card, Vibration, Mic Speaker until Proximity Sensor.

artikel miui4

3. CPU

In this MIUI, you can make a report about bug which you experience on MIUI and send it to the developer. By continuously pressing the CPU tab, you also can make a report of bug and send them to the developer of MIUI OS.

4. Device Name

The most excited thing from UI is that you can check your Xiaomi and it makes you possible to arrange your smartphone to be used in accordance to your settings. In this part, you can change the name of your smartphone. The default name is “Mi Phone”, but you can change it into emojis names.

artikel miui5

5. Android Version

Press this tab for many times quickly, so there will be animation for your smartphone version. For example, Android KitKat animation will be displayed and it is “K” letter. For Android Lollipop, after you press the Android Lolipop icon, you can play a flash game (only available in Android lollipop).

artikel miui6

5. MIUI Version

Via this tab, you can check the MIUI version used by your Xiaomi. But besides that, you can also open the hidden feature that is Developer Options by pressing continuously on MIUI version of your Xiaomi smartphone. Developer Options can be found on Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.

By using this Developer Options feature, you will have many options on settings. For example, you can prevent the Xiaomi smartphone from off mode by activating “Stay Awake Option” and deactivate the Lock Screen by activating “Skip Screen Lock”.

artikel miui7

6. Status

There is no special Status on this tab. On Status tab, you can check any basic information regarding to your Xiaomi smartphone.

artikel miui8

Touch ID Doesn’t Function on Your iTunes and App Store? Here are The Solutions

Having a sophisticated gadget is something compulsory for everyone today. A sophisticated gadget can help our daily routine activities. Smartphone like I-Phone is one of the most used smartphones in the world today. Start from I-Phone 5s, Apple provides a better security service for their user, it is Touch ID.

What is Touch ID anyway? Touch ID is a new feature of I-Phone which is provided for I-Phone 5s and upper. Touch ID is functioned as fingerprint censor that allows you to enter the screen menu only by having a fingerprint scanning. Touch ID comes as the solution from a hecticness in managing the passcode and password on your I-Phone. More than that, Touch ID also has many functions and one of them is to use and download something on your iTunes and App Store. Itunes is the music app from Apple. When you have iTunes account, you can download (buy) the music, organize and listen the music by demand.

So, Touch ID also has provided the service for you to enter iTunes. Meanwhile App Store is the official hub for all I-Phone users to download and buy some apps. By that logic, Touch ID is so important feature that is needed by every I-Phone users, it shortens some complicated steps when we want to do something in App Store and iTunes. But some users of I-Phone also faces some trouble when they access their iTunes and App Store via Touch ID. Here are some steps that you can do to figure out the troubling Touch ID on iTunes and App Store.


1. iTunes

a) Get into your iDevice
b) Choose “Touch ID and Passcode”
c) Switch off the iTunes and Appstore button (see the image below)


d) Press the “Home” button to return into Home Screen
e) Please “Reboot” your iDevice
f) Switch on again the iDevice and login by using your passcode and password
g) Finish.
These steps below can solve the problem of Touch ID on your iTunes.

2. App Store


a) Go to “Setting” or “iDevice” menu
b) Go to “Touch ID and Passcode”
c) Please enter your passcode
d) Please turn off “iTunes and App Store”
e) Reboot your I-Phone
f) Switch on your I-Phone and enter the idevice menu
g) Enter your passcode
h) Switch on again the “iTunes and App Store”
i) Finish.

The steps below usually work to solve the problem of Touch ID on your App Store. If in case those steps cannot help you to fix the problem, you may asl further to the I-Phone official service on your place.

Steps to Record The Phone Call in iPhone

iPhone is one of the sophisticated hardware which is produced by the gadget company from US, this smartphone indeed has a distinctive characteristic than any other smartphone such as android and windows phone.

For those of you who use iPhone, I am sure that you haven’t known the way to record the phone call in iPhone. This is something common, because indeed, iPhone always gives a special privacy for their users. The simple example is that when you want to record a phone call with someone, you cannot add an additional app in App Store to conduct this recording activity, it is different in Android which have so many apps that you can use to record everything.

artikel rekk1

But it will be a different story if your iPhone has been in jailbreak condition, off course you can conduct that recording activity easily to record the call in your iPhone. And then, how is the way to record in iPhone which is still original and has not been in jailbreak?

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you, in this article we will share about the way to record the phone call in iPhone for you. Before that, there are some requirements that you should fulfill, for example, the iPhone should have been in iOS 9 which has an export voice of memo recording, and then the smartphone should also be supported by an iPhone visual voicemail & 3-way calling feature, and it should have an internet data. If all preparation has finished, now we can start to record the phone call in your iPhone:

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