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3 Ways to Unlock Your PC Keyboard

For those of you who have a PC at home, it is so unsatisfying when you know that your PC is messed up by your relatives or your little brother or sister. Some files are broken, unreaded or even worse, deleted. Actually, there are many ways to avoid that condition and one of the ways is to unlock the keyboard. Well, there are many unlock keyboard apps for your PC, especially for those of you who use Windows as the operating system. Those apps are useful to protect your data or files from the clumsy touch of your cats or even from infants surround you. Today, I would like to share about 3 Ways to Unlock Your PC Keyboard.

Here are unlock apps for your PC keyboard!

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Now You Can Access Line on Your PC!

Are you instant messaging gigs? How many instant messaging you have on your smartphone? Actually, there are many instant messaging apps today; Line, WhatsApp, BBM, BeeTalk, KakaoTalk and many more. But today, I would like to share to you about using Line on your PC. Line is one of the most popular instant messaging in the world. There has been more than 1 million people have downloaded this instant messaging app. In my opinion, Line is so popular because it is so young-oriented. Many of its smileys are catchy and matched with youngster’s want. Usually people access Line through their smartphone, it can be android, iOS or Windows product.

Just as WeChat that we can use on the computer and online applications now that we can use on a computer or laptop with various windows operating systems like windows xp, windows 7 and windows 8, even MAC OS and here I will be giving out a little info or a way to install line application on windows OS. In fact, today, some people are using Line as their official business chat room (wow), accessing Line through smart phone is not favorable anymore, since the screen resolution is too small and people need to have a wider media to display the screen and comfortably talk to others.


Actually Line has catched that opportunity since long time ago. Today, Line can be accessed through PC and it is so easy to do. Please take a note, this tutorial is only suitable for people who have had Line account on their smartphone, for those who download Line app for PC but have not registered/signup, you should sign up for Line in PC by using Bluestack ( or sign in through your smrtphone.

Here are the steps to use Line in personal computer:

– Download Line for PC, you can simply search it on or this link
– Pay attention on OS that you use, if you use Windows OS for your PC, download Line for PC for Windows OS.
– Click download, just let the download process finished.
– Install it as usual.
– Now after it has been successfully installed on your PC, open the app now.
– Now you should open your smartphone to register your Line for PC use.
– Go to “Settings” menu, then choose “Account”. You’re required to input your email address and your password.
– After that, go to your PC and login by using your Line account including the password.
Now, you have been successful to enjoy Line through your personal computer. Enjoy the wider chat room and many more.

4 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android

Are you in lazy mode to access your desktop? Well, android has many things to offer to you. You can control your switched on desktop by using your android smartphone, the apps are lite in terms of size, but functioning enough to control the desktop in distance. Remote desktop apps are the applications that allow the user to control everything on their PC desktop via their mobile phone. You only need to download and install the apps from Google Play Store, login/register (some of remote desktop apps require this step to operate), and then you can directly control your PC desktop in your hands through your android device. Actually, there are many good remote desktop apps in Google Play Store, but today I wanna show you the 4 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android!

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Steps to Permanently Deactivate Your Twitter Account

Hi all. I am sure that almost all of you here have the social media accounts. You may have Instagram account, Facebook, Twitter or else. Well, the social media world has been growing so rapidly and the trend always changes every time. Because the changes of trend, some social media also face a problem, because the feature they provide doesn’t follow the trend or doesn’t invent something new, they should sink from the competition. In the past, we had seen the social media platform which had sunk because they were not good for innovation such as Friendster and My Space. Today, we also see the similar phenomenon where it happens to Twitter. During 2011-2012, Twitter had become the trend and new phenomena in social media world.

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360 Total Security, The Best Antivirus for Your PC

Nowadays, as the development of technology has advanced so well, the threat and danger in virtual world also developed so rapidly. As people are connected more intensively in internet and virtual world, the data thief also finds their way to take the benefit from you. We can mention many threat of internet nowadays, such as data thief, virus, malware, spyware, and anything. Those threats make us so worry when we put our data in internet. But off course there are also many solutions for those threats. The giant technology companies such as AVG, Avast, McAffee etc also try to develop their capability against the internet threats.

Virus Alert

Virus Alert

The anti-virus software is also developed by Qihoo 360 Technology. They develop 360 Total Security for all internet users around the world to give the full and comfortable protection when we put our data in internet and go around in internet. Now, in 2016, 360 Total Security comes with its new product namely 360 Total Security 2016. What are its strengths? Today we will discuss it in depth in this article.

Product Specifications

Size : 1.3MB
Developer : Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd(QIHU)
Operating System : Windows 7, Windows 8 (including its series), Windows 10
Official Language : English
Official Website :
Features : Antivirus, anti-malware, sandbox, secure online shopping, and real time security for all users
License : Free

Now, lets see one-by-one its main features in 360 Total Security 2016:

1. Antivirus

It quickly scans your PC from the virus that can threat your personal data. It combines 360 Cloud Engine, CVMII, Avira and Beatdefender. It can scan fast, seure your PC by removing the virus threats from your PC and quarantine some of them if thos virus have not been specified yet. It will tell you when the scanning and removing process have been finished, it usually requires you to restart the PC. Avira and Beatdefender will be disabled automatically by the engine and you can switch both on in case if you want to have a more protection. Here is the interface of 360 Total Security:


2. Speeding up your PC via Speedup and Cleanup features

360 total Security 2016 brings Speedup and Cleanup features so that the user can speedup their PC performance. The users also can cleanup their PC from many junks and applications that cannot be deleted because the applications are in use in your PC.


3. Smart Toolbox feature and simple interface

360 Total Security 2016 also provides you the clean and simple interface so that you don’t need to be confused when you try to use the menus. The easiness also makes 360 Total Security 2016 becomes one of the best antivirus products in 2016. It also has another powerful feature; Smart Toolbox. You can configure this feature to protect your browser, firewall, registry cleaner and many more.


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