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5 Best Office Apps for Android

Good day everyone. Are the user of Android phone? I am sure that most of you here are the user of Android phone. As generally we know, Android phone is so useful for us to increase our productivity by its many kinds of apps. You can play games, ask for foreign language translation, book a hotel room or even make documents/edit documents on your device. All of those easiness can be provided well by Android smartphone. Editing/creating document is something improtant for all people today, especially for you who always have a connection with a business world. It would be so hectic if you only do that on your PC. Therefore, the Office platform such as Microsoft also provides its service for mobile use. Besides, you also have many other Office apps in Android that you can download via Google Play Store. Today, I would like to discuss about the 5 Best Office Apps for Android.

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4 Best Offline GPS and Navigation Apps for Android

Good day everyone. The holiday has come! What are the holiday plans that you have arranged wth your family? Well, wherever is that, holiday should be perfect for our family and the preparation should be cool. I think the perfect holiday is not only about where we will spend it, but also about the preparation. If we have bad preparation, no matter how beautiful the place is, it will be absolutely not perfect. Well, the preparation for holiday is not only about the savety equipment and money, it is also about the navigation. If it is the first time you go to that place to spend your holiday, just ensure that you will not be astrayed. Therefore, the navigation equipment is so important during your holiday. Today, I would like to describe about The Best Offline GPS and Navigation Apps for Android.

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4 Best Streaming Apps for Android

Do you like streaming videos/movies via your smartphone? Some of us maybe have this kind of hobby. Well, getting streaming for movies and videos is indeed so enjoyable. Today, facilitated by smartphone, streaming video and movies can be more attractive. Moreover there are many applications that you can download and install to finally use those apps to get streaming. Android is one of the best Operating Systems for smartphone that provides the apps for video and movie streaming. And today, I would like to share about the 4 Best Streaming Apps for Android!

1. SnagFilms

This streaming app is available across many operating systems; android, iOS and Windows. This app provides the users the movie and video streaming with a tidy array. There are many categories of movies that you can watch, so you only need to pick which categories of movie you like and get one to be streamed. Don’t worry, if you are the one who doesn’t really up-to-date about a good movie to be watch, SnagFilms gives you the tags like “Most Popular”, “Recently Added” and many more. There are more than 5000 movies in SnagFilms.

artikel stre2

Download                :
Size                               : 4.67MB

2. ShowBox

ShowBox is a classic android app for video and movie streaming. Even it can streamed music in the past, but today this service has been disabled. ShowBox provides you thousand movies that you can stream online. But, what is lack from this app is that, you can’t download this app from Google Play Store. So, you need to download it manually via its official website:

artikel stre3

Download                   :
Size                                 : 39MB

3. VideoMix (MX Player)

This is also a nice app for streaming the video and movies on your android smartphone. It is similar with other video streaming apps which categories all movies based on genre, year of production, country and many more. Besides that, you also can enjoy other services from VideoMix such as hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, pinch to zoom-zoom and pan, subtitle gestures and kids lock.

artikel stre4

Download                :
Size                               : 13.91MB

4. Play View (Viewster)

The last app for streaming the video and movie in android is Play View. This is also a great app for android users. The special thing is that, this app allows the users to watch the TV show and they that consist of English and Spanish language. This app also provides the categorization of movies based on genre, home production, year and many more.

artikel stre5

Download                    :
Size                                  : 8.15MB

So, which app do you choose to stream your movie in your android phone? It’s up to you, but 4 of them are good to be picked!

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