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Switching Off The Email Alert Tone in Iphone, IPad and IPod Touch

For those of you who use iOS products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it is something common to hear the email alert tone whenever the new email appears on Mail App. The sound of “ding” is so disturbing if it comes at a wrong moment, for example it sounds when you are in the middle of the meeting, you are still sleeping and many other moments that need a calm situation. Moreover if we have more than jus 1 email account on our iOS products, can you imagine, how many times do we have to hear the alert tone from these devices? It’s indeed so annoying. Well, we know that sometimes we need to update the inbox, but that repetitive sound can destruct our concentration. There are some conditions that demand us to be silent and focus to what we want to do at present.

Well, I feel the same with you, so, in this post I want to share the tutorial of how to switch off the email alert tone without switching off your iOS products (in this case is iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) into “Silent” mode. This is particularly helpful for users with multiple Mail accounts setup on an iPhone / iPad, where turning off the alerts for one of them isn’t going to impact anything important. Though these steps below are optional, if you’re turning off the mail alert sound you will probably also want to turn off the vibration alert, otherwise your iPhone will still rumble every time a new email comes in.


Here are the steps to switch off the alert tone of your email in iOS:

1) Open your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad, find out “Settings” menu on the screen, goes to “Notification Center” and choose “Mail”.
2) Choose the email account that you want to switch off for the alert tone.
3) Scroll it down until you find the option “Alert sound”
4) Please choose “None” to switch off the alert tone.
5) If you are about to silent the vibration alert, the steps are — Go to “Vibration” and scroll all it down and then choose “None”

Now your email alert tone will not sound anymore when the new mail comes to your inbox. Easy, right? Today, we took an important step: email no longer has the power to interrupt us when we’re doing something more important. Furthermore I want to say “Productive people learn how to work smart by minimizing the interruptions email creates by turning off email related sounds and alerts.” Enjoy your life!

Tasting Offline Maps on Windows 10

Hello all. Have you installed the most updated Windows on your PC; Windows 10? I am sure some of you here have had this most famous PC operating system. Windows is operating system which is commonly used by many computer users around the world. Microsoft, as the company who establishes Windows 10, has developed and improved many things in Windows 10. The improvements are not only in the appearance of interface but also many facilities. We can mention it one by one such as shortcut system, graphic capability, a more interactive Microsoft Office and many more.

Today, I would like to review one of the facilities in Windows 10, namely as Offline Maps. Just like Google, Microsoft through Windows 10 also offers a new feature that can help their users to interact with their surroundings by launching offline maps. If you are offline and want to search certain area thorugh map, you can use this offline map made by Microsoft. You can easily download it via system it’s used. How do the steps work? Let’s check it out.


As the special note, Offline Maps by Windows 10 is powered by Bing, a search engine developed by Microsoft. Unlike Google which also has an offline maps service, offline maps by Windows 10 allows to to download the entire country that you want to. Google, as the comparison for its offline maps service, only allows you to download maximally 50 km x 50 km and it will be deleted after 30 days from your device. But Windows 10 offers a better option, not only allows you to download the whole map of preferred country, you also can access it anytime through your devices such as smartphone, but the thing is, the coverage of offline maps by Windows 10 is not as wide as Google has.

1. Click the gear icon (“Settings” button) in the lower-left corner of the “Maps” window.


2. Under “Offline maps”, click “Download or update maps”.


3. You are taken to the “Offline maps” section of the “System” screen. Click “Download maps” on the left side of the screen.


4. A list of six continents (Antarctica is not supported) displays on the “Download Maps” screen. Select the continent on which the desired country is located.


5. A list of all supported countries on the selected continent displays along with the amount of space each download would use. Click on the country for which you want to download a map. For our example, we chose “USA”. Note that we cannot download all USA maps from here.


6. Now, you have been able to download the map. In case if you want to update your map, just click “Check now” on “Map updates” option.


5 Best Office Apps for Android

Good day everyone. Are the user of Android phone? I am sure that most of you here are the user of Android phone. As generally we know, Android phone is so useful for us to increase our productivity by its many kinds of apps. You can play games, ask for foreign language translation, book a hotel room or even make documents/edit documents on your device. All of those easiness can be provided well by Android smartphone. Editing/creating document is something improtant for all people today, especially for you who always have a connection with a business world. It would be so hectic if you only do that on your PC. Therefore, the Office platform such as Microsoft also provides its service for mobile use. Besides, you also have many other Office apps in Android that you can download via Google Play Store. Today, I would like to discuss about the 5 Best Office Apps for Android.

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4 Best Offline GPS and Navigation Apps for Android

Good day everyone. The holiday has come! What are the holiday plans that you have arranged wth your family? Well, wherever is that, holiday should be perfect for our family and the preparation should be cool. I think the perfect holiday is not only about where we will spend it, but also about the preparation. If we have bad preparation, no matter how beautiful the place is, it will be absolutely not perfect. Well, the preparation for holiday is not only about the savety equipment and money, it is also about the navigation. If it is the first time you go to that place to spend your holiday, just ensure that you will not be astrayed. Therefore, the navigation equipment is so important during your holiday. Today, I would like to describe about The Best Offline GPS and Navigation Apps for Android.

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3 Ways to Unlock Your PC Keyboard

For those of you who have a PC at home, it is so unsatisfying when you know that your PC is messed up by your relatives or your little brother or sister. Some files are broken, unreaded or even worse, deleted. Actually, there are many ways to avoid that condition and one of the ways is to unlock the keyboard. Well, there are many unlock keyboard apps for your PC, especially for those of you who use Windows as the operating system. Those apps are useful to protect your data or files from the clumsy touch of your cats or even from infants surround you. Today, I would like to share about 3 Ways to Unlock Your PC Keyboard.

Here are unlock apps for your PC keyboard!

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